Use The News Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1998 by Dr. Edward F. Deroche, Dr. Sherrye D. Garrett and Dr. Betty L. Sullivan.  The mission of the Foundation is to produce and support projects that address the needs of LGBTQ people and their allies who are affected by discrimination based on sexual orientation and identity, race, age, religion or national origin.

A particular focus of Use The News Foundation is to assist LGBTQ people and their allies in accessing media in all formats (print, digital, online, email, radio, film, all forms of television and more) to obtain and use information needed to be informed and engaged citizens and in control of one's own life.

Meeting the needs of LGBTQ people and their allies related to health and wellness, aging, nutrition and fitness are a key priority. Overcoming isolation and barriers to information access are longstanding goals.

Use The News Foundation has for more than two decades developed, in addition to ones related to diversity, educational and cultural projects about the First Amendment, the role of the press in democratic society, character education, consumer affairs. media education and the international Olympic Games. Use The News Foundation has developed partnerships with the United States Olympic Committee, The White House, American Bar Association, International Reading Association, World Association of Newspapers, The New York Times and many more.

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